Miro Miro, Singapore


A self-taught photographer, Miro Miro has captured the essence of life through his lens, traversing the diverse corners of the world he has called home. His artwork interweaves multicultural threads, reflecting his rich and varied experiences. While his portfolio encompasses a range of themes, at its core lies an unwavering passion for freezing fleeting moments and infusing them with emotion through the art of image composition and processing.

Despite the allure of the art world, Miro Miro found himself drawn to the corporate realm, pursuing a degree in business management. Yet, photography remained a constant companion, an unspoken passion that grew stronger with each passing day. It became his escape, a portal to a kinder, more beautiful, and endlessly captivating world.


2024 Art Night at FarCon, Venice Beach (CA), USA
2022 MetaJam Asia, Singapore
2022 Crypto Week Asia, Singapore
2022 NFT ArtCon, Chiang Mai, Thailand

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